Monarch Level 1 Introductory Motivational Interviewing & Coaching Tools for Memorial University Entry-to-Practice 4th year PharmD Students~ 11 Sept 2024 {via Zoom}

This 3-hour course is a follow-up or 2nd half of Monarch’s full day Level 1 workshop, the first half of which was completed by the PharmD students in September 2023. We will build on existing MI skills and knowledge using The Monarch System’s unique approach which integrates MI with other impactful and evidence-based behaviour change practices such as coaching methods and key elements of behaviour change theories/applications. This workshop is sponsored by Memorial University Newfoundland (MUN) and is restricted to students enrolled in the 4th year of the Entry-to-Practice Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program at MUN. We will build on last year’s focus on the OARS’ skills inclusive of advising-with-permission (Elicit~Provide~Elicit). Numerous examples of MI will be provided along with ample opportunities to practice and hone Motivational Interviewing techniques. The main workshop focus will be on teasing out values in MI conversations such that values can be tagged powerfully onto patients’ desired behaviour changes in keeping with our preferred MI definition: arranging conversations so that people talk themselves into change/s based on their own values and interests. For more information about our company, our events, resources, and workshops please visit our Monarch website