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NOTE: Due to the COVID situation and our desire to promote healthy behaviour, we have shifted our Motivational Interviewing workshops and presentations to virtual format using the Zoom platform. Please contact us for any of your training needs and/or to discuss the virtual process. Stay healthy…

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The Monarch System™ is an evidence-based health behaviour change approach that combines a unique blend of processes adapted from motivational interviewing, coaching, and related behaviour change theories and techniques. Through dynamic, applied workshops, presentations, and consulting services, we offer health professionals the opportunity to learn and to use tools and skills to assist clients in realizing their health potentials.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to be change agent partners with health professionals who strive to motivate their clients toward sustainable healthy behaviour choices and actions.


The Monarch System’s unique and evidence-based approach brings the theory and principles of MI to life using a selection of important and applied behaviour change philosophies, theories, and practices.

Our Team

Dr. Irwin is a health behaviourist and Dr. Morrow holds his PhD in the health sciences and  together, they bring over 40 years of combined, professional experience to their workshops.

I used all the MI strategies we learned in your recent Monarch workshop including asking parents what would make the session successful for them; asking open-ended or “what” questions, acknowledging, reflecting and summarizing (OARS); asking for permission to provide information; listening for values, connecting actions with values; “checking in” by asking, “Is that accurate?;” and leaving parents with something to think about in terms of desired behaviour changes. I talked far less than usual and listened far more. By using the OARS strategies, I supported the parents in coming to their own conclusions and plans of action. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to attend your workshop and learn these powerful counselling strategies. I have already become a better clinician because of it.

Language Pathologist, Toronto Speech

I really enjoyed the concept of “empowering” patients and letting them find the solution to their issues. It’s refreshing in terms of seeing the patient in a more non-judgemental way.

Toronto Dietitian Health Professional

This workshop completely changed my perspective about how to approach and work with patients.

Southern Ontario Occupational Therapist