Our Vision and Mission

We envision millions of people living healthier lives, by choice.

Our mission is to be change agent partners with health professionals who strive to motivate their clients toward sustainable healthy behaviour choices and actions. The Monarch System™ provides high-quality, interactive, effective, and applied workshops and presentations on motivational interviewing to health care professionals. As of the Fall 2016, we have also partnered with Cancer Care Ontario’s Program Training & Consultation Centre to serve as a Vendor-of-Record for their Tobacco Cessation Workshops and Webinars, many of which incorporate Motivational Interviewing skills, strategies, and processes; for a recent participant evaluation of one our Tobacco Cessation workshops, click here.

What is Motivational Interviewing?

Motivational Interviewing (MI) can be described as a process of “arranging conversations such that people talk themselves into change based on their own values and interests” (Miller & Rollick,  Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change, 2012, p.4). Grounded in addiction research, motivational interviewing is widely supported in the health care professions as an evidence-based approach to facilitating health-related behaviour changes. We firmly believe that every client can absolutely embrace what the MI creators call a competent world view. We (supported by a substantial body of evidence) have found that MI engages clients to collaborate fully and meaningfully in partnership with their health care practitioners toward their healing and health-care process.

The Monarch System™ Approach

Real health behaviour changes can be made by anyone and everyone. Our System uses a unique blend of motivational interviewing, coaching skills, and key elements of behaviour change theories and applications.

Our workshops are directed toward health professionals seeking to make meaningful, long-term changes with their clients. Our target groups include, but are not limited to community and family health teams, professional health care organizations, and allied health care professionals. Specific health care professionals who have taken our workshops include dietitians, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, physical therapists, speech language pathologists, audiologists, pharmacists, tobacco control specialists, occupational therapists, dentists, dental hygienists, physicians, mental health professionals, health promoters, chiropractors, and case managers.

Our workshops will enable you to:

•    reduce professional burnout by learning to incorporate motivational interviewing skills into your work
•    work with more satisfied clients
•    work with client resistance toward improved motivation
•    learn how to build motivation with your clients
•    be able to facilitate clients’ real commitment to making important, long-term behaviour changes
•    add a repertoire of motivational skills to your professional toolbox
•    collaborate with your clients to design a working partnership for managing and shifting their health behaviours

It’s clear from both facilitators that this is something well-researched & believed in which really adds to the credibility of the approach. Living proof is always good!!

Cork Ireland Oral Health Care Professional