At this website’s blog postings, we have discussed the importance of perception, perspectives, and really, truly seeing life-situations differently than that to which we are accustomed. We are and we experience what we believe; we shape what we expect; we create from our own, sometimes cherished ‘evidence’ about reality and human behaviour. Sometimes, it takes something poignant to remind us about the exquisiteness of each human being and the grand significance of human relationships. While not specifically about Motivational Interviewing, we felt that the importance of this remarkable video was so profoundly simple and so simply profound that we have included this clip into our regular blog topics:

What touches our hearts in this video? What dynamic skeletons do we each have in our proverbial closets? What screens do we all create about human beings? What really matters and what is really important to us? What changes are worth making? What can we do to make this insightful video concrete? What motivates us to be who we are and who we are becoming?