The leaders were very effective and showed their passion and knowledge.

– Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario professional

Very patient/client-centred approach with great tools.

– Northern Ontario Community Health Unit professional

The workshop focus was always on empowering patients as experts in their change process.

– Southern Ontario Social Worker

It’s clear from both facilitators that this is something well-researched & believed in which really adds to the credibility of the approach. Living proof is always good!!

– Cork Ireland oral health care professional

I really enjoyed the concept of “empowering” patients and letting them find the solution to their issues. It’s refreshing in terms of seeing the patient in a more non-judgemental way.

– Toronto Dietitian health professional

The practical appreciation of the tools – immediate practice & experience (& discussion of the implications for practice – rather than just theory).

– Dublin Ireland oral health care professional

This workshop completely changed my perspective about how to approach and work with patients.

– Southern Ontario Occupational Therapist

As part of the dental public service in Ireland, we deliver dental care to a wide variety of children from different sectors of society. Sometimes when one is caught up in numbers, often patients and their needs can be forgotten. The Motivational Interviewing workshop, even though only a one day course, has had a profound impact on our staff of experienced dental professionals. It reminded us with a ‘bang’ that patients and their needs should be at the centre of all the care we provide and that perhaps a lot of times in the ‘production line’ we forget that they are real people. As an example, one of my colleagues and I had a recent experience with MI and a patient that has really blown us away. It involved a very stressed, irate mother. As the manager at our practice, I was called in. As the situation was going no where, eventually we remembered to use our MI skills and it was dramatic how the MI ‘technique’ worked within seconds really and the mother left very happy and almost best friends with us. The lesson we learned is that if we had used the ‘MI tools’ earlier the problem would not have escalated, so we are totally sold.The tools learned can be used immediately in practice and we are already amazed at how powerful they are in situations that before seemed hopeless to the professional. The feeling before doing the workshop was that this would mean longer appointments for patients; however, in fact, the opposite seems true, more effective communication means more effective use of time.Jen and Don are brilliant communicators and the workshop is really enjoyable.

– Evelyn Crowley A/Principal Dental Surgeon, North Lee Dental Services, Cork, Ireland